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the Head & Heart Community
Cassandra Solano

Welcome to the Head & Heart Community!

A community for conscious people ready to heal past wounds and thrive in love and life!

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About Me

Hey it's Cassandra! I'm a mom of 3 + 1 bonus kid + 1 cat kid living with my partner in love, life and business in Southern California. I'm on a mission to spread information and awareness about healthy relationships and to educate and support you on your own healing journey so you can thrive in love and life!

What is the Head & Heart Community?

This is an inclusive, safe, trauma-informed space for you to get exclusive content from me monthly and connect with other conscious people like you who are dedicated to the greatest journey we can take: the one from the head to the heart.

(I'm a cheeseball, get ready folks!) 

How will this Community Help Me?

I know you're wondering why join an online community when there are so many free Facebook groups and free content out there to help you on your healing journey. 

But if you're like I was for 10 years, "self healing" and consuming massive amounts of "self help" information wasn't getting me any results. I had a head full of yoga poses, mantras, and all the Deepak books, yet was still stuck in many areas of my life.

This is why I created this community. A place where you can get strategically organized and delivered content in easy to digest, yet effective monthly doses so you can get to the root of why you're stuck and learn tips and tools for how to heal. 

And with other like minded motivated people who are willing to invest in their healing, plus live Q&A sessions with me monthly, the support you've been looking for is here. All you have to do is ask!

What's Included in the Head & Heart Community:

You will receive exclusive monthly content from me which will include: a workshop and corresponding workbook with journaling prompts, coping skills, practices, guided meditations, affirmations, and other strategies to help you actually implement what we're learning together. 

A safe, inclusive, trauma informed space to ask for support from other community members and cheer each other on!

A monthly live Q&A call with me to help you trouble shoot implementation of the tools and to answer any questions you have on each month's topic. 

What Makes This Community Different?

Simply put, we do not transform in our nervous systems, at deep unconscious levels, and at the level of our childhood wounds, alone. Books and self study courses do not work for getting down to the deeper "root cause" issues in our relationships because our nervous systems and brains need SAFETY to change. And we feel safest when we're in relationship with people we can trust. 

This is why "self healing," as promoted by many holistic and wellness influencers, has BIG limitations. 

I'm here personally to guide and support you, answer your questions in live sessions, cheer you on between our group coaching calls in our online community, and keep the space safe. 

Secondly, this is a trauma-informed community. There are many helpful posts and books giving relationship advice out there, but if you aren't feeling safe, have a "disregulated" nervous system, and are often feeling triggered, implementing what you're reading may feel next to impossible. We have to understand, have compassion for, and work with our biology to let go of old patterns no longer serving us and step into healthier relationship skills. 

So if you're ready to receive the support your nervous system has been looking for to change, you're in the right place!

Topics we will cover include: communication, boundary setting, inner child healing, reparenting, ancestral healing, understanding trauma and how to start healing, conscious relationships, living authentically, connecting with our intuition and gifts, and more!

What Past Group Clients Have Said:

"Cassandra's gentle guidance and clear insight helped me see that the people I was surrounding myself with were contributing to the return of a lot of my anxiety and fear states. I was delighted to find that listening to the other group members share about their experiences and breakthroughs was my favorite part."-Tara A.

"Some benefits of working with Cassandra was the mind, body and soul approach and education provided in each session to help me gain new perspectives from all angles about myself each week."- Chia V.

"Within these sessions I became more aware of my nervous system and how it works, what I can do to heal and how to achieve more security in my relationships. It was a great investment for myself.  I looked forward to each week where Cassandra provided valuable information and a safe and comfortable space to share our experiences. I have been able to apply this information, recognize triggers and I’m working to let go of relationships that are not serving me. This is just the beginning of my journey but already, I feel I’ve accomplished so much." - Amber W.

"I am so glad I joined the group coaching program. I made massive progress on issues that were getting in the way of my relationships for years, and I feel more in control of my emotional state today than ever before. Cassandra has such a beautiful way of holding space and guiding us back to our truth. This allowed me to share deep, vulnerable parts of myself. I felt seen, heard, and understood." - Manal A.

Ready for the Deets?

I have decided in 2021 to keep the doors open to allow anyone who wants to join to come in at anytime. No contracts, no commitment. 

You get what you put into this community! If you're here you're on a personal growth mission and I encourage you to post, share, comment, and go through the material as you're able to. 

The value: My workshops, workbooks, and Q&A with me is valued at $500 per month. My goal is to make this information and support as accessible to as many people as possible which is why I've created this community at $24.99 per month.

What's Next?

Scroll down to sign up! Once you're in, click "topics" and click "welcome week" to watch the introduction, community guidelines, terms, and how to navigate this platform. 

PLEASE purchase through a browser as the Apple app store takes a 30% cut for any purchases made directly through the app, thank you!